Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a pretty cool phenomena. I mean, think about it, getting to control what you do in your dreams for 6-8 hours each night sounds like a good deal. Flying, fight, frolicking, and other F words we don’t need to get into, as well as, any other thing you can possibly imagine.

There are several methods for inducing lucid dreams. Some people like to use meditation in order to calm their racing thoughts first, which sets the stage to allow them to enhance their awareness and slip into a lucid dream during the night.

Awareness is a key aspect of learning to lucid dream because if you can pay attention to detail during the day, you can do so while in a dream state and be able to become conscious of dreaming. From there, it is just a matter of gaining control over the dreams themselves and creating whatever you can cook up in that big beautiful brain of yours.



Another method that people use to help induce lucid dreaming is by using binaural beats. These are sound tones played at different frequencies, which supposedly can effect a change in the brain which creates a certain state. So, for instance, there are binaural beats which are supposed to work for reducing stress, creating a mellow mood, or mimicking certain drug highs. The binaural beat above is one which has been created for induction of lucidity.

I haven’t had much success with this method. You need to wear headphones during, and I don’t know about you but headphones or ear buds would drive me nuts during sleep. However, there are people who claim to have good results by trying something like binaural beats out.

One step which people often do during their waking hours, who want to have lucid dreams, is to perform reality checks. This would be something like tapping your hand throughout the day, in order to feel the sensation. If you can do this in a dream and the sensation isn’t there it can be easy to become lucid. Here are┬ámore steps on lucid dreaming.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

  • Enhanced creativity
  • Exploration of consciousness
  • Having fun while you’re asleep
  • Being able to travel anywhere and do anything
  • Increased awareness

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